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Welcome to Johnny’s Computers!

Are you just starting out on the cyber highway and need a helping hand? A gamer who’s in need of a computer to entertain your fancy? A businessman who needs a computer to maximize your work efficiency? Johnny’s Computers are here for you to get what you need!

Or perhaps, you’re looking to sell? Maybe a new computer is entering your life and you can’t see yourself keeping your old one any longer. Bring yours in, lets make a deal that will make us both happy.

XBOX 360 Halo 3 Edition #2
Playstation 3

Right from the off, our video game consoles work just as well as our PC’s!


Just one shelf of our multitude of console video games!


We don’t just sell projectors; we sell the screens for you too!

Johnny’s Computers takes pride as being a one-stop shop of your technological needs. Located conveniently off the Glenn Highway from the Boniface Parkway exit; come pay us a visit!

See you soon!